CINIBA - Free access

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Free access

SamowypożyczalniaOn each level of the CINiBA building there are  self-borrowing devices, so readers can by themselves:

  • borrow books from a free-access,
  • check the status of their account.

Make sure if on the spine of the volume there is no red dot (such books cannot be borrowed) and check if your card was activated at the Circulation Desk on Level 0. Then:

  • insert the card
  • put on the desk no more than three books,
  • select "borrow" and check if all the books were registered on your account,
  • remove the card.

In the case of failure or doubt, please ask the librarian on duty.

Oznakowanie książek w wolnym dostępie

In order to ensure full reader service (from reaching an appropriate shelf to self-service borrowing) collections from free access zones are clearly marked. Spines of the books and magazines bears stickers, each of which contains specific information:

  • Thin, coloured bar represents one of the nine knowledge areas.
  • Label under the bar contains the free access call number with the information needed to find the book on the shelf: a symbol of section, basic book data and the inventory number.
  • Documents from free access zone intended for use on site in CINiBA are additionally marked with red dots.


A large part of the library collections is in the open areas, and the collections are typically public. This means that each piece can be easily viewed and then a reader can decide whether he wants to use it and for what period of time.

In the free access areas readers can reach books by themselves, and at the end of work put them back in designated areas (orange boxes that are on the shelves) or borrow them.

Borrowing books from free access is self-service thank to self-borrowing devices (called Selfchecks) located on each floor of the building. The book can also be taken to the Circulation Desk on Level 0 to be borrowed with support of the Library staff. Books marked with a red dot cannot be borrowed, but can only be used on site.

In the case of free access books, an electronic catalogue only gives the location of a copy (shelving), the ordering option is inactive.