CINIBA - Regulations - Events

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1. The Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library (hereinafter CINiBA) – coorganises each event taking place in the facility or makes the facility available to  other institutions, which organize events together with the University of Silesia or the University of Economics in Katowice.

2. Applicant - person or institution that submits application for use of the rooms in the CINiBA building and is responsible for organization of the event.

3. Event - training, conference, exhibition, symposium or other event of a scientific or educational character, held in the facility.

4. Formal Consultant - a person appointed by the CINiBA that ensures a proper running of the event.

5. Handover/acceptance report – a document confirming  handover or acceptance of a room made availabe by the CINiBA, signed by the Applicant and the Manager of the facility or the person appointed by the Manager of the facility, specifying the condition of the rooms and the equipment therein (Annex 3).



1. The rooms of the CINiBA buildings are made available for the organization of events. Using the rooms after hours is subject to separate agreements.

2. Events organized in the building of CINiBA may not disturb normal operation thereof.  Given the nature of the Centre, every effort should be made to keep silence in the workplaces of the Library users.

3. The CINiBA rooms are made available together with their regular equipment (for a detailed description of rooms and their equipment  - see Annex No. 1 - Types of rooms). Arranging furniture in the rooms, with the exception of the Seminar Room on level 2, is not subject to any modification. Detailed rules on availability of the Seminar Room are specified in § 3.

4. Additional multimedia devices owned by the CINiBA (such as a projector or a screen, etc.) can be installed in particular rooms, if agreed beforehand.

5. Applicants intending to use their own multimedia equipment necessary for the organization of the event are required to indicate it in the application form and agree on all the details connected with it in time for the beginning of an event . The CINiBA reserves the right to prevent the use of inadequate equipment in its building.

6. Applicants, upon agreement, may provide refreshments for their guests. Applicants are  responsible for the provision and managing of the food and  drinks during the event.

7. On leaving the room after the event, the Applicants are required to hand it over together with its equipment to the Manager of the facility or the person appointed by the Manager of the facility.

8. The applicants, together with the  Manager of the facility  or the person appointed by the Manager of the facility, are required to check the condition of the facilities and equipment. Any damage will be noted in the Handover/Acceptance Report.

9. The applicants are obliged to repair damage noted in the Handover/Acceptance Report by themselves and at their own expense, if the damage was caused in connection with the organization of the event or during its course.

10. Applicants are required to leave the premises clean. The applicant shall bear the cost of any additional cleaning necessary due to the organization of an event. Details regarding this matter shall be agreed at the time of submitting an application.

11. Applicants shall be charged with the cost of hiring security guards providing safety at the organized event. Any agreements connected with this matter should be made with the Manager of the facility.

12. Applicants shall carry out activities of informative character  and prepare promotional materials connected with the event upon consulting with the CINiBA Promotions and PR Specialist.

13. Guests may carry their personal luggage into  the building. Coats and bags must be left in the Cloakroom or in the Lockers.

14. Inside the building and within its premises smoking is strictly forbidden.

15. The applicants are obliged to follow the Regulations on Events Organization, as well as the instructions of the Manager of the facility concerning security and order. Failure to follow the rules may result in termination of the event.

16. List of the rooms is included in the Annex No. 1



1. Seminar Room is intended for:

1.1. work of groups of readers;

1.2. organization of workshops and meetings (nonperiodic) of the scientific clubs of the University of Silesia and the University of Economics in Katowice, trainings for students, PhD students and academic staff of both Universities.

2. The Seminar Room together with its standard equipment (12 tables + 40 swivel chairs in a horseshoe arrangement) is available for users of the Center during CINIBA working hours.

3. Applicants, upon agreement, may provide refreshments for their guests. Refreshments (in the Seminar Room) may only include coffee, tea, cold drinks and snacks (biscuits).

4. If the room is available, it can be used without prior booking by persons listed

in article 1.

4.1. To use the room, users should contact the librarian on duty at the Reference Desk on Level 2.

4.2. The Librarian, upon presentation of identity document by the user, includes him in the Reservation Schedule of the Seminar Room and hands out a key upon receipt.

4.3. Users bear full responsibility  for the condition of the Room and its equipment.

4.4. When the users finished using the Seminar Room, they are obliged to hand it over to the Librarian and return the key.

4.5. The Centre is not responsible for items left in the Seminar Room.

5. The Seminar Room together with the additional equipment (such as overhead projector, laptop, screen) can be booked through the Application for the Use of  Rooms in the CINiBA building, in accordance with the Regulations on Events Organisation in the building of the Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library (§ 4).

6. Information about reservations is placed in front of the Room or can be checked with the librarian on duty.

7. Applicants may change the arrangement of furniture in the Seminar Room after previous consultation. After the event, applicants shall bring back the original arrangement of furniture.


1. Pre-booking can be made, after previous consultation, through the Application form for the Use of  Rooms in the CINiBA buidling (Appendix 2).

2. Final booking will be confirmed by via email, upon obtaining of the consent for

the organisation of an event by the Director of the Centre.

3. After obtaining the consent of the Director of the Centre for the organization on an event, Applicants must submit a signed Application form for the Use of  Rooms in the CINiBA building along with a signed declaration confirming  reading and acceptance of the provisions of the Rules of the Organization of Events in the building of the Centre for Scientificand the Academic Library, which are integral parts of the Application.

4. Obtaining access to the rooms may take place at least 24 hours before the event. Before entering the rooms applicants shall provide the original Application form for the Use of  Rooms in the CINiBA building filed via email and agree all the details of the event.

5. Contact details:

The Director’s of the Centre Assistant

Dr Katarzyna Wyszyńska

Phone: 786 32 50 04, 506 212 927

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. To all matters not settled herein, all the other regulations of the University of Silesia in Katowice, as well as the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.

2. Any disputes arising from these Regulations shall be brought before the court having jurisdiction over the seat of the Silesian University in Katowice.