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The Scientific Information Center and Academic Library  (CINiBA) is a joint scientific library of two universities in Katowice - the University of Silesia and the University of Economics. The main objective of the University of Silesia Library and the Main Library of the University of Economics in Katowice, operating in the CINiBA, is to satisfy the needs of students, academics and residents of the region in terms of access to library materials and scientific information, in particular:

  • Collecting and making library materials available to the extent appropriate to users’ needs in accordance with the principles of public availability in libraries,
  • Improving the conditions for the quality of education and enabling the academic community and other interested users to access the latest sources of information and documents supporting science and didactics,
  • Development of IT infrastructure and modern library systems, use of new technologies, taking care to ensure access to professional search tools,
  • Conducting teaching activities in the form of trainings and workshops on the use of library collections and services,
  • Guidance and care for users using information resources and library collections,
  • Conducting bibliographic, documentary and editorial work,
  • Cooperation with libraries and scientific and cultural institutions in Poland and abroad,
  • Organization and co-organization of educational and cultural events,
  • Conducting promotional and informational activities.