The book can be self-renewed by a reader if:

  • the date of the return has not expired for any of the books borrowed,
  • no copy of that particular edition has been reserved by another reader,
  • the book has not been renewed at the Circulation Desk,
  • book has not been previously renewed 3 times.

Caution! Each book can be renewed up to 3 times. Therefore, in order to maximise the rental period it is the best to prolong the book immediately before the due date.

To self-renew a book, a reader should:

  • Log into a Library account, the icon is in the top bar of the catalogue windows
  • Click the “Renewable items” bookmark (in this case you have to wait, because the data may download slowly), a list of books that can be renewed is shown,
  • Click the “Renew” button by the book we want to extend the rental period - the system asks for confirmation
  • If we click the “Yes” button, description of the book appears – with a new date of the return indicating that the renewal is successful.